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How to get better at any FPS game (First person shooter), get better AIM? Professional advice.

Hi, many people have this problem in their head, i have been asked numerous times, that how you get such a perfect AIM, are you an Aimbot?

By reading this you will certainly have a better aim at FPS games, if you want to take the game seriously (like for a professional level competition)

Well let me explain it now as I have time to tell it, first of all, this is valid for all the FPS games, unreal tournament, Quake, CS( 1.6 or GO), COD....etc etc

as far as AIM is concerned (Aim means the ability to target enemy with your mouse exactly where YOU want in the shortest time possible, whether it be head or anywhere), Aim has to do only with Hand and Eye coordination (I will explain it later in this post) and nothing else, eating Spinach wont help you get better at AIM, (well it might make you physically strong thats great for mental health as well, but thats different aspect, I am assuming that the player who wants to improve his aim by reading this, is already physically and mentally sound and fit).

Another assumption is that there is NO Mouse acceleration ! which is really bad for FPS games, If you have and want to remove it read the other post in this blog or just use a mouse fix.

Other aspects of FPS shooter games like KD ratio, weapon switching, player movement, positional play, damage done, team coordination, all play important roles in the game.

How to improve aim?

To improve it, you must first understand what is going (biologically and physically) during aiming.
Here it goes....

When you see an enemy on your screen, your brain processes that information, after processing that information, it sends the signal to your hand to move the mouse in that direction, until the crosshair (or the mouse cursor) is on the enemy's head or any target you wish to focus upon. As soon as the crosshair arrives on the target, you hit the mouse button, time taken for this whole process from seeing the frame that consisted of enemy until pressing of mouse left click, is called Reaction time.

So in order to improve your Aim firstly, you must decrease your reaction Time! so you instantly respond to the enemy movement, secondly, you have to keep a constant focus on the target you wish to Aim upon. If the enemy is standing you can easily focus, your eyes are still, if your enemy is moving, you have to track your target (like head) contantly so that your hand coordinates with it and you land upon it, simple.

So to improve aim, there are 2 main things on the list.

1. you must have a fast reaction time (low is better).
2. hand eye coordination must be there

How to improve reaction time?

Reaction time explained above is a broader view, it can be further divided into 3 basic parts

1.) Hand reaction time (Time taken to see the enemy and to make a hand movement, its generally very less and not an area to improve upon much)

2.) Time to taken to move crosshair from current position to given position. (This is biggest flaw area in aiming and should be improved first)

3.) Press reaction time (It can be easily improved)

Generally FPS gamers already have a good reaction time, but if you want to compete at professional level, good wont work, best is the only option left. So to improve it, you have to improve your processing time so that your brain sends the signal to your hand relatively faster, lets call it hand reaction time, secondly, speed of moving the mouse should be high, as well as accurate, this has to do with sensitivity, coordination and accuracy, so that it lands on the target relatively faster. and lastly you have to press the button instantly after your crosshair has landed upon the target, call this one as press reaction time, this sounds a bit complicated, but it isnt.

For the first part and the last part(improving of hand reaction time and press reaction time) there are reflex training games, that you can play (it has nothing to do with sensitivity, i will come to that later), where the user just sees a change on the monitor and is wished to respond fast, sooner the better.

You can play to improve it...

Mine average comes like 0.130+ sec, so give me some competition =)

Now the most important part is improving the time taken to move crosshair from current to the target location accurately and with speed! without this there is no use of improving hand or press reaction time, Player must improve this first, and improve them after that.

Accuracy is all about practicing Hand movements (some call it muscle memory), given any target and any current position of crosshair, Hand movement should be in a straight Line! (so that shortest distance possible is covered) you can play Aim maps or just in every Aim maps keep focus on moving your hands in straight lines and straight to the target, after some time the hand movements would be in habit of you (they will get eventually memorized automatically by practicing). So keep the sensitivity Fixed, so that at different sensitivity, hand movements would be different, and you wouldnt have a habit of that!, so its always a must to keep the sensitivity fixed.

How to choose a good sensitivity?

Main thing is to keep the speed maximum and control or accuracy also maximum, obviously, at lower sensitivity accuracy will be maximum but the speed will be too less, and you would have to apply a large force inorder to aim faster, thats not really recommended, the thing is to keep it in between.

30 percent accuracy is dependent on mouse sensitivity, and 70 percent to the user hand movements, provided the player is on smooth professional mouse pad and mouse.

You can check your sensitivity from

Best sensitivity would be around 22-30cm / 360 degrees ( that is roughly 3/4th steelseries QCK+ mouse pad for full 360 rotation). Just fix it and load an Aim map to train the hand movements, your primary focus should be to improve the accuracy first, and to fixidate your movements, as soon as you see the enemy, just 1 drag and Boom! press the button. thats it. Some people call it muscle memory, but thats the same thing, you will memorize your hand movements after specific amount of time, there are some good muscle memory maps to download and to improve the aim.

After perfecting all this you just have to improve your reaction time (Hand reaction time and press reaction time), there are many simple games designed for that, the one which I gave above is the simplest and will greatly improve your focus and reaction times.

And lastly is hand eye coordination thing, which basically means that your focus on the target must be maintained so that the brain can send signals to that target in focus only, if you are not focusing in FPS games then you are just making your brain confused that to whom to target.

And to do that you have to enjoy the game ;)

Playing press reaction games can improve your focus.

Frequently asked questions...

Qs. What should be priority to select targets in an FPS games?

Ans. Selecting a target from different targets is your tactics, thats a tactical issue, but generally, Focus on the closest enemy target if possible, closest means closer to your player ( not closer to your crosshair), because closer target can do maximum damage, but sometimes, its better to choose the target that is closer to your crosshair, because he can be picked off faster than any other target, do this only if your team (like in CS or COD) is Alive, and your priority is to take or damage as many targets as possible. Otherwise if you are on your own, like in a deathmatch or you are the only one left in your team alive, prioritize the closest target to your player.

Qs. What is positional play, and how to to get better at it?

Ans. Positional play is anything which will give you an advantage just because of your position in the map or anywhere, eg, in CS if you are closer to the bombsite, you have a better position than just sitting at your spawn. Thats just a lame example, if you are in safe position thats also a better position, if you are in a position in which you have high probability of getting a frag/kill, then its a better position, it all depends in which context you are speaking of positional play.

Qs. Whats the best positional play to get a frag?

Ans. Try to show the least bodyparts of your player (every game has different mechanics of it, you have to understand it first), and generally height advantage is always better to get a kill, it means you are standing at a higher terrain or at higher ground than your enemy, its better because you can see the enemy's whole part of the head, like seeing your head from the top view, rather than seeing the head from fromt, there are more chances of you to get a frag.

Qs. Is damage done important?

Ans. Its the most important thing, player with highest damage is usually the winner, so just dont waste your ammo, just land it upon your enemies.

Qs. What can you say about weapon switching? And how important is it?

Ans. Weapon switching is really important, specially when one of your weapon is out of ammo, selecting the right weapon is your tactics again, in CS or COD it is very easy to switch weapons and faster, but in Quake or Unreal like games Weapon switching is the key to win, generally, its a bad idea to switch to a weapon with burst damage (like a rocket launcher) when your enemy is closer to your player such that you can also take the damage from your own weapon, switching weapons should be personal choice, a good rule of thumb is, Weapons should be switched in decreasing order of their DPS (Damage done per second) that depends on the game you are playing, you have to make a priority list for that in terms of DPS of the weapons, and then make a tactics and use it, bind your keys which youcan easily press to switch weapons, not like if you are on WASD format to move and you have assigned "+" key to switch to plasma cannon or something, then you will face difficulty to switch to it, than if you would have binded closer to WASD keys only.

Thats it, thats how you improve the aim and game :), keep practicing.

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