Thursday, August 4, 2011

Counter Strike 1.6 Download Section (Tools and Resources)

Download Section



Lux Bots v7.0 (with CSDM) LuX Bots v7.0 with CSDM. Download
Podbots 2010 (with CSDM) PODBOTS 2010. Download


Complexity Demo player (colplayer) A demo player. Download
SKPlayer 1.1 A demo player. Download


CS 1.6 GUIs CS 1.6 GUIs. Download


AIM Map Pack Aim Training Maps. Download
AWP Map Pack AWP Training Maps. Download
Super Map Pack A huge collection of maps in small sized package. Download
Spam Maps Spam practicing maps. Download
de_mirage An official bomb defusal map. Download
de_forge An official bomb defusal map. Download
de_tuscan An official bomb defusal map. Download


cz-cs1.6modelFix (CS 1.6 Old Models) Official CS 1.6 old Models. Download
CZ Models New Models. Download


CPLMouseFix CPL Mouse FiX to remove Windows XP Acceleration. Download
MarkC_Mouse_Fix(win7+vista+xp) Mouse fix to remove windows 7 mouse acceleration. Download
Mouse Poll rate changer (usbmrs11.exe) Mouse poll rate changer for Windows XP Download


HLAE (Half Life Advanced Editor) Movie Making Tool. Download
HLDJ 1.6.02 Transmit your own music on voice on a server using this tool. Download
HLSW 1.3.1 HLSW Server administration Tool. Download
Wally (Custom spray converter for cs 1.6) Free Custom spray converter. Download
X-Spectate (Fixed) Legit wallhack to spectate demos of a wallhacker (Don’t Use on servers! May get you banned). Download

More Downloads Coming soon...

*Edit: Modified almost all links and made them working.

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