Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Frag Movies - Counter-Strike 1.6 Worlds Best Frag Videos of All Time inc. Latest ones also (list)

This is the list of some of the best frag movies ever made till now in Counter-Strike gaming history, there are many other videos that could be included in this top 10 list, which are also certainly the best, like pubmasters, Elegance of Postman, Single Gaming 3, Spawn still mighty, compLexity: Armageddon, Project_kr The Movie, The Fellowship of NoA etc. (List has been arranged after a general overview of the views, downloads, ratings, etc from different sites, it follows no specific order or ranking of movie, this cannot be regarded as an official list in any way, if you find any other movie more interesting that can be included in this list, then please do comment to this post.), because its difficult to find good movies from a whole lot of movies, I wrote this post.

1. Annhilation 2


2. Single Gaming 3: Strel


3. Fnatic: f0rest


4. SK - Believe

5. NaVi IEM Movie by WinOut

6. Neo Thrill

7. compLexity at ISC2006

8. Counter-strike 1.6 pro gaming - Journey Through The Unknown

9. Alive by MiXeP

10. n0thing but headshots


  1. Yes, this video is well reflect the sense of the game. I still like the one seen the development of tactics and strategy game where you can make cs bet for getting more information about the players and the game in general.

  2. CS 1.6 TOP KILLER headshots EVER!