Friday, December 24, 2010

Download PODBOT 2010 Preconfigured to highest aim settings (Godlike aim settings for practicing)



If you want to improve aim in cs 1.6 you certainly, definitely HAVE to try podbots!
PODBOTS are the best bots for CS 1.6, here they have been configured for the best godlike settings.

Just download and extract to steamapps\Counter-Strike\ folder, and all done.

This includes

- latest podbot 2010 (only for steam)(many bugfixes)
- csdm (Counter Strike Deathmatch)
- AmxModX (disabled all extra and unnecessary plugins, they are included if you want to enable then edit plugins.ini file)
- Metamod (used to enable podbots, they are already enabled, no need to do anything)
- preconfigured to highest Godlike aim settings (only 100 skill level is modified rests are default)

Modified - Reaction-time - 0 ms, headshots-100 percent, maxcamptime - 5 seconds, default waypoints, Writing of experience data is enabled, aim_type - inhuman_turns (only for practicing purpose, other wise you can use bot_aim2, the default one), and other aiming settings like dampness coefficient, prediction fator etc...

If you want to use them for lesser skill type in pb add 99 or a lower number to add a bot for that specific strength.

To configure bot skills edit botskill.cfg in podbot folder.

Just extract the archive in cstrike dir and all setup.

How to use podbot

For a podbot menu, command is pbmenu, type pbmenu in your console to see a podbot menu.
To simply add a bot of a specified strength, type in pb add 100 (for 100 skill, highest)

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