Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CS 1.6 New Patch makes your sensitivity bad?

Valve has made some exciting new changes to CS 1.6 which has made cs 1.6 lovers hate this game.

But actually they have improved the renderer, thereby improving launch speed, number of bugs etc., they also have made cs 1.6 possible to be run on Linux also.

Now antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering are on by default, because majority of the PCs have advanced GFX cards nowadays, which can easily run a 10 year old game smoothly :)
They have added number of console commands, like m_customaccel, gl_ansi, etc.

noforce commands are probabably not usefull any more now, because we can now select custom acceleration in game by using m_customaccel command.

Now the engine can render the game above 100 FPS now easily. but more than 100 is not required. Maximum Rate has also been increased.

More information can be found here:

Full list of new features that have been added in the newest update is below:
• Returned mouse input to using windows messages rather than raw input by default, this should correct the sensitivity change people have seen
• Added a "Raw Input" checkbox in the Mouse tab of the Options dialog. This button toggles the "m_rawinput" cvar. If selected raw input API's will be used to get mouse input, usually with lower latency but missing the post processing from your OS's Window manager
• Added a "Low video quality" option in the Video tab of the Options dialog. Use this check box if you have an older GPU and want to trade off visual quality for FPS
• Re-enabled a fps cap of 100. You can override this behavior if you want to run faster by setting fps_override to "1" but some mods may not behave properly
• Added support for binding the multiply key on the numeric keypad, the engine bind name for this new key is "kp_mul"
• Added support for binding Windows key, key name "win". Be careful binding this key, your OS may also act on presses from it
• Made keypad enter key activate an item when pressed in the server browser
• Made the "timerefresh" command require sv_cheats be set for its use. This command is for developer profiling and shouldn't be generally used
• Extended hud_fastswitch options. 0 means no fast switch, 1 means switch on both number keys and mouse wheel, 2 means on do fast switch when using number keys
• Added listing of games from the cstrike_downloads folder in the New Game dialog
• Added "speak_enabled" cvar, if set to 0 then the "spk" and "speak" commands are disabled
• Added "edicts" option to liblist.gam file, for use in mods that want more than 900 entities in their maps
• Increased supported entity count in Counter-Strike 1.6 to 1800
• Improved HTTP download performance
• Improved movement when running at more than 100fps
• Removed now unused sv_voicecodec and sv_voicequality cvars
• Renamed gl_ztrick cvar to gl_ztrick_old, usage of this cvar is deprecated and caused rendering issues
Valve has also fixed a wide variety of glitches, most notably viewdemo works once again, left shift presses are now detected correctly and minmodels work again. Full list is below:
• Fixed cl_minmodels not applying after being on a server for a while
• Fixed left shift key presses not detecting properly
• Fixed viewdemo command causing a crash
• Fixed load dialog in viewdemo command not actually loading the demo
• Fixed Player List dialog not allowing you to mute a player
• Fixed crash on restart if you had the serverbrowser active
• Fixed mouse cursor sometimes not appearing when using the spectator UI
• Fixed double entries in the sprays list pulldown under options
• Fixed crash if Windows OS level DEP setting was turned on for all programs and you
ran in software mode
• Fixed spectator UI being truncated when running in higher resolutions
• Fixed downloading of content from servers via HTTP, both if you got a 404 error on one of the links or the file was in the base download folder
• Fixed some commands writing config files to a bad path
• Fixed corruption of text input when hitting backspace while composing a message
• Fixed mouse clicks sometimes being lost

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