Friday, July 9, 2010

V-Street (VS-Gaming) Game Panel Link For Server Administration

V-Street GamePanel or control panel is great tool provided by V-street and only for v-street servers for server administration from outside the server, like restarting the server, closing the server and changing the name of the server.

Where is V-Street Game Panel link located, is there any software?

V-Street Game Panel is located at

Its not a software, but rather a web page made in ASP.NET for greater functionality and security.

No, there is no software. But you can download HLSW, for administration of the server and full control outside the server.(if you have the rcon password)

To access the gamepanel simply open this link. and it will ask the password and username. After that you will see page like this, This is the login page.

After providing a valid username and pass , now you are now in the game panel

You can see game servers, that are in your account and change password option to change the existing game panel login password.

In game servers option you will see

Which allows you to restart and stop or change the server name.

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