Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse for CS 1.6 is essential for perfect aiming, a gaming mouse basically does NOT / must NOT have drift control in it. Drift control is prediction mechanism of mouse movement so that mouse pointer moves in straight line even when user makes a small change along the axis perpendicular to movement axis. This prevents gamers to miss the target.

Today all gaming mouse are without any drift control.
eg. Razer DeathAdder, Mx 518, Intelli, Xai, etc.

Another Feature of gaming mouse is smooth pixel precise movement, this is achieved by teflon feets or some other smooth material underneath the mouse, so that it glides smoothly on a gaming mouse pads. This gives gamers the ability to move the mouse swiftly without any effort against friction.

Other features of gaming mice includes DPI, on the fly sensitivity adjustment, large fps, light weight cord, Xai also includes LCD backpanel to adjust the settings of the mouse on the fly.

All these features makes gaming mice a product to be owned by every gamer, with its flawless ergonomic design and pixel precise movements.

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  1. Actually, MOST gaming mice today have drift/correction/angle snapping, SOME of them allow you to turn it off with software.
    The mx518 require ssetpoint to disable drift. It definitely has it by default, I have one.